Does size matter?


The never-ending debate

One we all can relate

Does size matter, we argue over and over

Let me attempt to make it clear…

What I am about to say is true,

Yes it does matter, let me assure you,

To a lion about his mane,

Or a midget who needs a cane.

What is important, above all

Is whether it is hard as candy or soft as a cotton ball,

The length and the width are a matter of proportion,

When there’s love it will still rock the ocean.

The other consideration is all about frequency,

A wham-bam, thank you, ma’am or a replay of intimacy.

The box tightens and expands no doubt,

But if the equipment is too large, it will tear it apart.

There is a fine line between pain and pleasure,

For every dick there is a beholder.

It is never about the size, let me emphasize

Give the pencils and the stumps a break, time to recognize.





The voyeur

Voyeur series AZ001

We are drawn towards beautiful things and those who create them.

Music, arts, pictures. Since I am one with words, ultimately, I would presume that the perfect man for me could be one with all the right visuals. The voyeur that compliments my exhibitionist nature. The artist with the eye.

The Great Men Auction 2011. 7atenine and the angels at Soroptimist International raised more than RM100K that night.  The concept was fun and flirty, the food and drinks were spectacular; something the audience could expect from Michelle Kuok, her Chief of Staff, Helen Kam and the team of dynamite at 7atenine. We are waiting for the reveal of a new outlet by the group, at the former 7atenine location. It will be exciting!

Zung - People series [Shanghai Lord]

People series, The Shanghai Lord

The night of the auction, I met someone with a huge potential to be greater than he already is. I was in awe of his works of art, his angles and patience in waiting for the right shot. Like many before me, we were awestruck by the immensity of his talent. Once you see his visual art pieces up close, you are never the same. It helps his artistic cause the fact that he gets to shoot renowned figures. His journey I will be telling.

We always judge people by their exterior. This one could use a bit of exterior work but inside he is a warrior that has come a long way. At 35, he is a self-made man. There was nothing sexier than a man who paved his own. My Japanese warrior, descendant of the ninjas from the land of the rising sun, who wears nothing but black; rises to the occasion sometimes.

I believe his significance will unfold as I play groupie, the one who falls in love with the talent first and foremost, with the man; second.

“Take the road less traveled”, said Robert Frost. It always seems like the obvious choice for me.  I am happy to be able to write the stories of the exceptional individuals that have also decided the road less traveled is the more fun way to go.

The rabbit and the snake


There is a snake in the house of Alexa. He says all the right things, has impeccable timing, smells yummy and is the epitome of a gentleman. Is there a future for a snake and a rabbit pairing?

They met in KL at a launch party almost two years ago. Since then, they  have developed a friendship that gradually developed into an unconventional relationship. They wear no labels and keep their friends to themselves. She saw the potential but something was holding her back. She could sense something was holding him back too. Relationships do not get less complicated with the lack of face time.  He declared love via her WhatsApp window. Unromantic?  Not at all.  Sometimes things do not happen the way we imagine them to happen but it does not mean they are less special.  Glass is either half empty or half full.

I wonder what’s in store for a rabbit in the year of the snake,  wrapped by a snake? The snake came to the rabbit’s rescue as they were approaching the new year, as they both embarked on new pastures. Since then, the snake has been silently supporting in the background, as snakes naturally do. In all his righteousness, the snake became the rabbit’s  pillar of strength; another trusted confidante.

The rabbit would never ask the question other rabbits would normally ask…

Wish list for an accessory freak

Snake accessory is hot in the snake year. I got my snake ring at Diva, a much cheaper alternative than these babies from Bvlgari but just as hot.

“Where are we going with this, Mr. Snakeman?”

Instead, she just want to enjoy the journey and see where the year takes them. This trait, is courtesy of the fish.

When it comes to love, there are no right strategy. The unconventionals would not want to be confined within the box of compatibility according to the Chinese almanac or the Western astrology for that matter. Otherwise, we will always be looking based on a set of guidelines dictated by someone else to determine our happiness. Our happiness should be up to us. We should be the writers of our own saga. Play on and write on. On with the shedding and on with the sexy  adventures on undiscovered pastures, where a rabbit and a snake can consummate freely.

Warning: There will be body painting and the creation of sensual visuals on digital format.