Angels among us

Fallen angel

Fall have always been pivotal for her growth. When the leaves start transforming, she starts reflecting, thinking about what adventures she would want to embark on next and what passion project she would want to pursue. She stopped looking for a job since she turned 34, the same year she walked out from a sexless marriage made out of lies. She stopped looking and started listening instead. She stopped looking for something to do just for money and she stopped looking for love. She would trust the universe more, let her passion lead her and listen as the cosmic conspires. As she would listen, more, she became more aware of herself, her strengths and abilities; her weaknesses and flaws and at the bottom of them all, what would truly make her happy. Then, she would send it out there, the vision of her that she sees, the version of her that she aspires to be.

Whatever can be, will be.

By the time the last leaf would fall to the ground, she would have answers. In the meantime, she has love to keep her warm. A serendipity, at the height of fall.


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