Revelation II

John Keats, the writer, poet

What are we? People kept asking me:

What are you to me?

And what am I to you?

Only this I know is true…

You are an enigma,

One I can’t let go,

You’re a shade of grey, a stigmata

Of all that I am, that only the devil knows.

We are together,

On my mind, always; the little things that matter,

Tried to switch you off but it’s not working,

Your name on my lips, dancing; rhymes with everything.

I don’t want to call it anything,

Even though it is nothing short of amazing,

Living in the now, loving what we have, when we have it;

Why would we have to label it to make what we feel legit?

Nothing about us is conventional, why should what we are be?

Not a typical boyfriend, a husband or a fuck buddy.

But when we are together, you feed me

After all, it is not in the destination, but in the journey.

But if I had to call it something…

It is an epic in the making.

You are an obsession, a passionate revelation.

Whenever I’m lost, you are my direction.

I want you to know how you make me want to

Paint rainbows all above you,

Masks you from the haze,

Be the dancing light in your dark maze.

Because you make me feel like a million bucks,

Even though at times reality sucks;

You’re a sweet distraction, a true validation

That love exists without expectation.


What is he to me? Let me elucidate thee,

I am him and he is me.

When I look in the mirror it is him I see,

A revelation in my reflections of what we could be.

A vision of you and me.

~Allegra C. 


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